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OPINION | I thought Mr Ramaphosa said nobody will be forced to be vaccinated

The University of Witwatersrand has made it mandatory, for everyone entering its campuses from next year to produce evidence of vaccination ~ TIMESLIVE are playing a dangerous game if for one, people don't enroll at their institutions, they won't generate an income. If people know their power and stand together against this tyranny, we will topple these arrogant people. I thought Mr Ramaphosa said nobody will be forced to be vaccinated. How now and the government said that they will not mandate the jabs, but get the universities to do so for them otherwise they will loose there funding, anyone to prove me wrong?This is an infringement of our human rights contained in the constitution

As if they are telling the truth, NWO has already got to them to act as if they are making some sort of research then boom they have a deferent vaccine under them, and we flood there to take it only to find out later it is the same one everybody is been taking. Why couldn't they just let Madagascar supply us and mind you Lesotho also made one and our traditional herbalists do have remedies, this vaccine story is no longer about covid but for something else they know what. Don't enforce people against their will in a democratic country an issue that divide people, needs to pass or fail through a referendum. Stop this covid19 dictatorship tactics. Everyone is free to leave, work wherever s/he wants. Referendum is the solution to this dictatorship madness

They are acting against the constitutional rights of our people and our land. In cases like this we have no choice but to intervene and whoever violates the constitutional principles should face the rough of the citizens. We should do to them the same as we did to apartheid regime. Those who understand what happened in 1976 it should be repeated. It would seem, especially today, that there are a lot of “experts” around, constantly telling us what we can and cannot do. But, if our society is going to continue moving forward, it is of the utmost importance that we hang onto our dreams and ambitions in life and don’t allow “experts” to shatter them. Just because somebody has a degree (or 3) in something, doesn’t necessarily make them an expert in that field, or in any other field for that matter!

If mankind only ever did what experts thought to be possible, we would not have put men on the moon, built massive electrical motor plants which changed the course of history, or run 100 meters in under 10 seconds. The pioneers who achieved these things did NOT listen to the experts. This obviously does not give us a license to act stupidly or irrationally. Rather, we are to constantly evaluate and re-evaluate, to determine the boundaries of our dreams and aspirations for ourselves. But may we never sacrifice our dreams at the feet of so-called experts

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