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Road Accident

School transport chased by traffic cops⁄⁄ Gaddafi, the driver shush the screaming children

South African schools, both elementary and secondary, have recently opened. Some youngsters walk to school, while others, who have the means, take public transportation or drive. South African parents rely on transport drivers and owners to securely bring their children to school, and if an accident occurs, it should be due to anything other than the driver or natural calamities.

Parents must guarantee that their children's transportation drivers have valid driver's licenses and always drive sober and in accordance with the regulations of the road. A horrifying video is circulating on Twitter, with many shocked that a motorist can be so careless, especially when children are around.

In the footage, the driver is being pursued by traffic officers, but the automobile does not stop. One of the youngsters taped the clip, and in it, several of the children yelled the driver's name, Gaddafi. The driver reacted by asking the children to wait a moment.

Finally the taxi was blocked and it stopped. The video ended like that and although people are making jokes on the internet, this video could have resulted in an awful accident.


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