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12 Hacks To Get Straight A's In University In A Super Hard Class

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First year of university is not only about fun and games especially if you want to smooth sail through the year this article will give you advice on how to achieve straight A's.

1. The first thing you need to do is develop a friendly and professional relationship with your lecturer.

2. Always keep an agenda that will have your academic planner, monthly weekly planner your syllabus tracker, grade tracker, habit tracker, study log, semester checklist, weekly class schedule and finally your master syllabi.

3. Get to know your lecturers.

4. Always be prepared.

5. Have a strategy.

6. Speak to your lecturers three times a week during office hours.

7. Have an accountability partner.

8. Schedule study hours.

9. Study for two hours each day.

10. Review the days lecture.

11. Two schedules a regular class schedule and a study schedule set a time and place for you to study.

12. Start assignments three weeks before you have to submit it.

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