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College Education


Opinion -Mothers are the first teachers in our lives

Mothers remain the people with the highest anonymous degrees in education. What is always left in you after the westhen education is the education from a mother, and that's the true education!

This century's illiterates aren't people who cannot read and write; they read and write, and even speak fluent English but can't see the value in Mothers. They come in different forms where we can find some in offices and some even leading a people to stray.

You can wait to celebrate Mothers only on Mothers day, I celebrate them the very moment I sleep and wake remembering the pain they underwent to keep the generation intact. May God bless all Mothers across the continent, that longevity and reaping of labour shall remain their portion. May all gone Mothers also rest well as we remember them today, that their teachings are what kept us moving and fitting into every sphere of life mannerly.

Let us respect our Goddess mother's and give them all the Honor and love they deserve.


I love you Mother

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