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Matric class of 2021 left this on school tables that left Mzansi in disbelief

After leaving this on their desks, the Matric class of 2021 left Mzansi in shock:

- Education is the most potent instrument a human being can have. And education makes many previously unthinkable things feasible. Over the years, education has shown to be a source of prosperity.

- When we want education, we prefer to go to school to obtain that information; however, some of us are poor and lack the necessary school supplies to obtain that education that would help us move out of the circumstances we are in at the present.

After the final examinations, the Matric class of 2021 did the unimaginable and left their school shoes on their desks. The matriculates generously gave their shoes to the school, making many people happy. Some, though, were unmoved by what they had just witnessed.

Many folks claimed they should have just bought new shoes instead of giving their old ones. Some weren't kidding when they said they'd recall the sneakers they left at school. Here are some of the subsequent comments made by Twitter users:

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