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Excellence: Twins bagged a whopping 24 distinctions for all their subjects in Matric combined


The Independent Examinations Board (IEB) always release their results first and each year they steal the show with their impressive achievers. It's something that they pride themselves on which is proving nothing but the best for their students in class to cater for them to do outshine others during the examinations. The matriculants class of 2021 didn't disappoint as they continued with exceptional results that leaves some individuals proud to be part of this wonderful era. It's always great seeing students give their all throughout the year, even thoughnthey might come across challenges but they still strive for success. We cannot forget the impact of Covid-19 pandemic in the school systems and the country as a whole.

Now, the twins Carla (female) and Christiaan (male) Botes were of the outstanding achievers that contributed to the 98.39% pass rate overall within the IEB class of 2021. The Helpmekaar College students based in Johannesburg did the unthinkable of achieving 24 distinctions combined. As they proved that the twins power do exist and their hard work has paid off. Christiaan got 14 distinctions in total, as he excelled in English, Business Studies, Accounting, amongst other subjects. He's off to Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape as he wants to study Mechatronic Engineering. Christiaan stated that he had to learn to study alone due to Coronavirus back in Grade 11 and he got good at it. "Through all of COVID-19, the emphasis was being able to study on your own, which I got quite good at. To me, it was not that different to manage under the online learning situation," said Christiaan speaking on Jakaranda FM.

Then when it comes to Carla, she didn't let her guard down as she walked away with 10 distinctions. She didn't exceptionally well on subjects such as English, Information Technology (IT), just to name a few. Carla stated that she will be going to Isa Carstens Academy in Pretoria to study Somatology. Also, she revealed that there's no sibling rivalry between them as twins, it's nothing but love and support. “It’s long hours where you come home from exams and it’s immediately studying for the next day because the schedules don’t really allow for off days with all the subjects," said Carla speaking to SABC News.

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