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HELLO 3rd WAVE See How These Students Operate During A Pandemic In Durban - SOUTH AFRICA

HELLO 3rd WAVE See How These Students Operate In Durban - SOUTH AFRICA

SOUTH AFRICA - It's very sad to see what the ANC government has done to its own people. The government has turned South Africans into desperate and uneducated accomplices in their own demise. This is what happened during a fake University registration in Durban. Let me remind you this is during a national lockdown in South Africa to prevent the spread of COVID-19. With the thieving ruling party how on God's green earth are you going to achieve free education for all these students anyway? There isn't even enough money for social development. The government doesnt build more universities, they change names. That's what they do best, and of you point that out to them you are a racist. They can't even provide proper toilets for primary school kids, who still use pit latrines. They could care less about your education. So for these students to fall in this kind of trap is unacceptable. They should know by now that they shouldn't believe everything they hear, especially from this government. Most of the students running to register, for fake registration in these videos are without any masks. How will you even get accepted in a university if you catch COVID-19? So all these students, arrived at this university under the guise of registering for free. When they arrived they found thousands of other students doing the same. But they saw nothing wrong about the whole thing and still thought it's the real deal. They forgot about their health and safety and they played along. I really don't know what to say?

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