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Things Not to do as a first year student.

"Focus on doing the right thing instead of a bunch of things " - Mike Krieger

Being accepted to college is one of the best feelings ever trust me know , but college life is not like we all imagined, its not all things smooth and easy.

Here are things to not do as a first year student, Trust me you need this.

1. Sticking to your comfort zone.

As a person you need to know that in order to grow , you need to try new things , so get out of your comfort zone .

2. Compromising your morals.

Allow me to be a party spoiler but this as to be said , never compromise your morals for college life or to fit in . Yes it is pressurizing to see people do things but if you don't do them nor believe in doing them then don't.

3. Stop looking for love.

Stop looking for love , firstly love needs to find you not you look for it , secondly finding love is not the reason why you in college now Focus on your goal which is education and graduating. Love will follow

4. Do not miss your class

Many students think they got this , well trust me, you don't . Difference between college and high school is in high school you miss probably a page or two , while in college you miss a whole chapter or two chapters in one day. You don't want to be dealing with catching up trust me.

5. Don't start studying a day before your exam

Your first exam has probably 7 or more chapters depending on your modules and textbook so it is basically close to impossible to study 7 chapters a day before an exam.

With all being said congratulations for making it to college now remember this your life just began make sure you make the right choices in life.

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Mike Krieger


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