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Mzansi kids have no respect for teachers, see what this kids did in Class


The video shows a high school student beating his teacher in the middle of the classroom. 

A shocking video clip captured a student and teacher getting ready for battle. The student lunges at the teacher, punches him and knocks him over, then continues beating. 

Hear student and teacher screaming at each other seconds before the first hit. Watch an excerpt from the video below:

These learners have no respect for their teachers at all and this is such bad morality. I mean imagine if it is actually your parents who are being done this to.

However whenever they try to reprimand these type of learners, what happens is that the parents will eventually come out and then try by all means to defend their kids and this is not proper.

The video above will show you exactly what was happening in the class room and why that was happening and that is not good at all.

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