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Congratulations Pour In As Duduzane Zuma Does This

Duduzane Zuma to fund KZN learners tuition fees!

Gobhela Primary Full Service School is lucky to have become the latest beneficiary of Duduzane Zuma’s educational donations, the aspiring president wants to show the public his good side and it seems like this is something’s he is very determined to do as much as he wants to be the next president of South Africa.

He is on a political campaign but that has not stopped him on showing his generosity towards the ordinary members of the public by giving out food parcels and donating smart classrooms to schools in the unfortunate areas of KwaZulu-Natal, this will surely go a long way for the ambitious son of Jacob Zuma.

The school is located in Ugu District at Umthwalume, south of KwaZulu-Natal and it is to benefit from Duzuzane Zuma from now on. The community is going to see a lot of change, and it would be good to see if the young Zuma can take Care of a community let alone a whole country – this will be a good learning experience for him and for ordinary citizens, it will be a time to judge for ourselves to see if he can make a worthy presidential candidate.

It has been revealed that Duduzane Zuma will pay out of his own pocket the pupil tuition fees up to university, with annual fees of about R43 000 a year per learner. This is something which is great for the people of that town and the learners in that school, so it is good to see such philanthropic activities being done by someone who aspires to be the next president of South Africa.

Maybe the young Zuma would not be such a bad candidate for the presidency considering the good that he does out of his own pocket, he is showing us that he will do better and he can do better if he is given a chance.

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