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‘See What Girls Were Caught Doing in Public That's Causing Reactions

The educational system in Africa is no more encouraging than it is in any other part of the world. According to research, the educational system in the past was significantly less expensive and more effective than it is today. There are a number of issues that need to be addressed in order for students to benefit from their investment of time and money in schooling. 

Women are regarded vulnerable, and it is inappropriate for them to be seen going through this type of stress in order to obtain what they require, particularly in public where a large number of people are watching them. The manner in which they are attempting to accomplish this is really concerning, and it is far from satisfactory. 

This group of young girls was observed early in the morning squeezing through the mud to gather water for their daily needs, which was completely unnecessary. This occurred in a female hostel boarding house where a large number of female students were suffering and fighting against one another in order to obtain enough water to bathe and cook with. 

It was said that some of them climbed to the top of a large tank in order to insert a bowl into it in order to draw some water out of it because the level of the water in the tank had already dropped significantly. After seeing the photographs, many individuals expressed their dissatisfaction with them and expressed their displeasure at seeing students who had spent a significant sum of money suffer in this manner. 

To be really honest, it would be unfair to blame the ladies since, had the government given appropriate water for them, things would not have turned out the way they did. 

Here's how folks reacted when they saw it on social media: 

Some social media online users argue that there is nothing wrong with it and that it is a normal part of the school experience; nevertheless, I believe that it is inappropriate to subject children to hardship after paying their school fees. 

What, in your opinion, should be done to end this type of suffering in our educational institutions? We value your thoughts and considerations.

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