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'See as 2 female students fight in school. One allegedly becomes unconscious.

PHOTOS: A Fight Breaks Out Between Two Female Students at School It is said that one loses consciousness at some point.

Fights break out between people for a variety of reasons, including disagreements, conflicts of interest, turf, stays, ego, competition, greed, jealousy, insecurity, anger, pain, pleasure, entertainment, love, hate, religion, politics, family, instinct, nature, mental illness, and a lack of confidence.

There are an infinite number of causes, the most majority of which are emotional in nature. A person who is truly secure and confident looks for other methods to settle problems without resorting to fighting, yet conflicts are frequently unavoidable.

A violent altercation between two young girls was caught on tape and uploaded to a social networking site. The two female students can be seen in the video kicking and beating each other till one of the girls knocks the other one unconscious by hitting her on the head and passing out.

According to Muzi Mahlaambi, who works for the Department of Education, the fight took place on Thursday at Khandlela High School in Esikhawini, which is located close to Empangeni. He has debunked the allegations that the girl passed away, adding that she is currently healing at home.

"Both of these students are in the eleventh grade and are enrolled in the same class. It has been determined who they are, and the authorities have contacted their parents to come forward. We will not tolerate any kind of fighting at our school ever again "he declared.




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