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CHANGE OF PLANS || Angie Motshekga reveals new school curriculum for all grades, See below

New school curriculum? Motshekga wants SA history books ‘to be re-written’

In a courageous clarification, Motshekga has been recognized and their partners needed to concede in this country according to South Africa experience in this country. Changes are put together by DBE, and its services are perceived as our set of experiences course books. Be that as it may, the ANC minister wanting to rewrite history, the intentions behind this policy shift have genuine foundations. A stage to "South African School curriculum" was particularly helpful for grown-up ages, particularly for history time.

"The most fitting educational program approach needs precisely we really want to foster the South African Educational program Structure, which is keen on the special South African setting. As a state funded school offer, we Isn't a preparation plant for the business. Thusly, we really want to contemplate how to utilize grade school instruction educational plan change for social collection. Revamping the set of experiences book and educational plan is a decent beginning. One year from now, two new subjects will be added to the school educational plan. Programming and advanced mechanics classes will be presented in 2023 after an effective pilot project. See the source image

The course of events wherein these progressions proceed is as per the following:

The pilot of the draft Coding and Robotics Curriculum Grades R-to-3 and Grade 7 took place in late 2021

A full-scale implementation for these grades is planned for the 2023 academic year.

The Coding and Robotics pilot for Grades 4-6 and for Grade 8 is planned for 2022.

This will be followed by a Grade 9 pilot in 2023.

The full-scale implementation for Grades 4-6 and Grade 8 is planned for 2024.

Finally, a complete integration for Grade 9 will take place in 2025.See the source image


As some have stated that changing the school teaching system could be the most effective way to reduce unemployment in South Africa, I fully support Angie's decision on changing the school curriculum. Please share your thoughts below and follow me for more exclusive content

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