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"Tonight On Skeem Saam: Alfred Experiences A Haunting Darkness Even With His Eyes Wide Open "


Alfred Experiences A Haunting Darkness even With His Eyes Wide Open

Alfred knew that the learners in his school where behind the pranks that were happening but he decided to keep quiet and laugh as they made fun of principal Thobakgale. But unfortunately for him the last prank was on him. He was rejoicing when the learners where making pranks on the principal and now its his turn. It's so sad because the prank is now on him.

He might be totally blind because of those unruly learners. And they blame principal because they think she is behind what happened to him. Not knowing that his beloved son Mahlatse is the mastermind behind everything. Now Celia is determined to sabotage principal for something she did not do. If the prank worked on principal Alfred would be laughing his lungs out by now. But unfortunately it happened to him.

Had the prank went according to their plan the learners where going to celebrate. But Thobakgale's ancestors couldn't allow that to happen. If the prank worked on principal, Magongwa would have celebrated with those unruly learners.


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Alfred Celia Mahlatse Skeem Saam


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