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“Gauteng Employs More Foreign Teachers Than Other Province” — Beautiful Lady Cries

A beautiful South African lady have cried out that Gauteng Employs More Foreign Teachers Than any other province in South Africa when many South Africans are unemployed. She further noted that nothing have been done about this, and yet many South Africans teachers roam the streets unemployed. She wrote, “When I saw bra Panyaza complaining about a mistress for combing a leaner

It really shocks me that Gauteng employed most Zimbabwean teachers than any province & he's just quiet about it. When there are so many unemployed and qualified SA teachers... It's shocking”. Many South Africans are calling for full investigation into this claim to ascertain if indeed Gauteng is employing foreign teachers instead of South Africans.

But some South Africans have said that they should not sack the Zimbabwean teachers because they teach very well, especially the mathematics teachers. The South African noted, “Woah, Zimbabwean teachers were fired from public schools in 2019. The new South African Math Lit teacher we had been so bad at teaching that we all missed our previous Zimbabwean teacher. South African teachers are lazy and don't care about education”. Another South African added to this information, saying that, “Honestly Zimbabwean teachers know how to teach math and science more that our South African teachers....

I was taught by South African teachers from Grade 8 to 10, my marks were just okay but since our school hired Zimbabwean teachers our Math and science marks started booming”. This has become a hotly debated issue on Twitter as people declare that being a foreigner does not mean they are good at mathematics or any other subject.

Replying those who prefer Zimbabwean teachers to South African ones, a youth noted that, “For you to be a good Mathematics teacher you don't need to be Zimbabwean but a person they are a lot of good South African mathematics teacher you just happen to be taught by the wrong one. My high school has never hired a Zimbabwean teacher, and we did good. Then go to Zimbabwe and attend a school there our parents did not die fighting in the struggle to have qualified South African teachers sitting at home with degrees and masters they fought so their children can have the space they need to excel in their own country”. A South African said he will prefer Zimbabwean teachers any day, any time, “I'd choose Zimbabwean teachers over SA teachers any day shem”.

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