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Stellenbosch University Urine Victim says he would forgive the white student.

This is the link to access the interview of the Stellenbosch University victim. This Interview was conducted outside Huis Marais. The victim said, he would forgive the white student who urinated at his laptop and study desk.

He further said in his conversation with his father, he refused to open a criminal case against the perpetrator. The victim says he won't lay charges. He feels as though this is too much trauma and the white student is also a someone else's child. He needs to be given a break. Since he knows, how it feels like to go through something as bizarre as this one.

The victim says he reported the matter to the residents' head student. They refer to them as the "Prim." The head Prim did not immediately report the matter to the residents' principal. It was only after SASCO, a Stellenbosch University student society sent the message to other Prims that the matter was taken seriously and reported to the residents' head principal. The victim furthers says, it's hard for their issues to be taken seriously because the entire residents' committee is white.

A peaceful student protest ensued yesterday 17/05/2022 at Stellenbosch University campus and residences. It was in solidarity with their fellow student who experienced a painful racial discrimination behaviour. They called for a stop on racism at Stellenbosch University and the lack of representation for black students at residences. They want the perpetrator to be expelled from the university.

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