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Instead Of Focusing On Their Books, This Is What They Have Been Posting Online While In School

As an alternative to concentrating on their books, this is what they have been posting on the internet while still in school.

A significant increase in the level of irresponsible behavior among students nowadays is concerning. The vast majority of students today are completely disinterested in their schoolwork. People who are concerned have addressed this issue and offered advice to these pupils, but their efforts have fallen on deaf ears.

One instructor expressed her dissatisfaction on Facebook, claiming that students had become so engrossed in social media that it has had a negative impact on their academic performance. This is particularly visible in recent years, as seen by the large number of photographs depicting pupils having a good time at school.

They take images of themselves while having a good time to publish on their Facebook status or Instagram. This demonstrates that they aren't serious about their publications. What are your thoughts?

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