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Foreigners Should Be Employed & Given Equal Opportunities Like South Africans - OPINION

Mzanzi claims that the high crime rate in South Africa is due to foreigners taking our jobs and contributing to the already existing high crime rate in the country. Most criminals aren't even from here. While it's possible that some of them came to South Africa in pursuit of a better life, their main concern appears to be earning money dishonestly.

This could be a valid argument in favor of exterminating all non-South Africans in South Africa, but it certainly isn't enough to justify doing so. Though some of those who break the law contribute to the overall criminal population, others actually help our country advance and prosper. Since this happened, I felt compelled to explain why we shouldn't go after immigrants. Listed below are the specifics:

Many international educators teach in Mzanzi's classrooms, particularly in the STEM fields. Bringing in specialists from other countries can help improve the quality of education here. We have skilled instructors for individual classes, but in general, international students tend to perform better than their Mzanzi counterparts in the classroom.

And South Africans have a well-deserved reputation for being sluggish. Most jobs that South Africans are unable to complete for various reasons are held by foreigners in Mzanzi. We're all quite sluggish, so we prefer jobs that don't require a lot of hard labor. Men in South Africa are rarely seen doing traditionally female tasks, such as plowing fields. They are only interested in a low-level administrative position. Foreigners, and notably Zimbabweans, are more highly valued by us because of the work they do that we cannot.

The final words, "umnunngu munni nga Bantu," are particularly memorable. None of Africa's peoples can claim ownership of the entire continent. In order to live in peace and harmony, we must work together. Let's face it; in this moment, everyone could use a place to call their own. When we work together, we can do incredible things. Whether or not we are able to work together in the future is going to be a major factor.

In your opinion, what do you make of this? Is what I'm saying acceptable to you or do you disagree? Leave your thoughts in the comments, and let us know if there's anything you think we're missing.

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