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Stellenbosch University black student makes a surprising turn in a show of great humanity and class of the week argus/news/matie-pee casualty does-a-pivot on-the-episode 21716eed-7e2d-4821-bafb-18056df22421#Echobox=1652766064

In a new development the dark Stellenbosnch University understudy whose effects were peed at by a white understudy has chosen not to press any charges against him.

This was affirmed by the casualty's dad, Mkuseli Kaduka, his child's name is Babalo Ndwayana.

"My child is presently feeling frustrated about the kid and he feels that a delayed legal dispute will cause him to lose center around his investigations," Kaduka told Weekend Argus on Tuesday morning.

"I'm taking a gander at choices of laying the charges myself for his benefit," he said.

The episode occurred in the early long periods of Sunday morning and the culprit has been distinguished as Theuns du Toit. He has since been suspended from the varsity.

"The supposed culprit was suspended from the college today."

"A further quick yet definite examination will decide the ultimate result," said Martin Viljoen, representative for the college after the episode.

Theuns apologized subsequently however his conciliatory sentiment was scrutinized for not being true, maybe he had to do as such.

On the off chance that you were the casualty's dad could you open a case yourself for the benefit of him or could you regard his choice? Tell us your own viewpoint on this. Much thanks to You.

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