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Student supports Namhla's abuser online and this happens.

News of Namhla Mtwa's death and evidence of many years of abuse was met with widespread sadness and pity. Many read with tears in their eyes how she was savagely beaten and had her life and freedom taken away from her by a cruel man who had promised to love her.

Many were shocked by images of Namhla's bruised and swollen eyes that were caused by her boyfriend, Major.

In the midst of this widespread sadness a young man, Athembele decided to be an outlier. Athembele is a Bachelor of Education student at Walter Sisulu University. He stated:

"No matter what they say I'm with you brother".

Though the young man later deleted the post, the damage was already done. Screenshots of his post had already been taken and a student body at his University released a statement condemning his actions.

The statement mentioned how they have noted Athembele's post confirming his support and questioned what a future teacher would be teaching future generations when he harbours such views. The body also expressed concern towards the safety of the female students at their campus alleging that Athembele could himself be capable of such.

The statement further compelled Athembele to apologize for the statement within 5 business days or face the possibility of expulsion. The statement stressed that gender based violence apologists would not be tolerated at their institution.

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