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Secondary Education


Teacher depresses the whole school with a student check on the article their story.

The teacher promoted a school learner because they have an agreement of him promoting her every season,mr mbowa is a good presentation teacher in the secondary school mr mbowa he is well known as life orientation and English teacher in the area the teacher qualified to be a formal teacher this incident of them having affair started way back ago when the girl finally realized her shape attracts many boys,she than took that advantage to attract a teacher who have polo,she met mr mbowa in the class,mr mbowa was busy marking some papers aside,the girl went straight and took off her school skirt Jersey she asked nice that the teacher should help her with life orientation basics strategies,the teacher didn't have a problem as he knew it's his job to help those who asked,the girl insisted on coming to his house to finish up the process,he agreed, in the midnight that girl surprised his teacher wearing only a gown the teacher couldn't resist to see the rest of body,he got tempted and end up losing it the we see them having good time as the result of obtaining good results in his subjects. a few months later the girl got pregnant and the teacher was fired for seducing school girls as it is against the law.

the girl took a gap year to protect herself from humiliation.

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