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Why Schools Are Still Open? Parents Asks After News Afrika States 2000 Learners Test Covid Positive

The numbers of people who test positive for the new wave of covid19 is currency increasing rapidly at a worrisome rate.

And it is because of these increasing numbers that people are asking themselves how safe it is for them to allow their children to continue going to school.

This was after News Afrika shared the latest stats of the number of teachers and learners who had tested positive for Covid19.

It was reported that atleast 1000 teachers had tested postive for covid while an additional of atleast 2000 learners had tested also tested positive for Covid in the Gauteng province.

Which is ofcourse alarming to parents. Especially after it was also reported that hospital Visiting Hours time to all Gauteng Department of Health healthcare facilities has been temporarily suspended until further notice. #Covid19.

This was reported by eNCA financial broadcaster, Heidi Giokos.

After reading these latest news. Parents now want to know when the schools are going to close. And also why they are not closed as yet.

While others think that this is just a strategy to get people vaccinated.

Since the president did announce that the next roll out of vaccines was going to be received by teachers. So according to this person "they" are creating a situation to get people gullible. And rush to get vaccinated.

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