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UCT Vice chancellor refuses to apologize after she said this, read what


Seeing a woman, let alone a black woman holding a high position,is one of the most inspiring and encouraging thing, especially to the young women out there who aspire to climb ladder in a male dominated world.

Professor Mpakeng is without a doubt an inspiring woman to many, however her choice of words as a leader are discouraging to those who looks up to her.

A young lady took it to twitter to advertise her nail business which professor Mpakeng replied to the tweet with contempt.

" Hi, please support my small business. Nails R200", wrote the lady

"So these nails cost R200. I am now setting up an automatic R200 monthly [email protected] which is my foundation that supports students who completed matric in townships and rural schools to acquire higher education . That is a much better way to spend my money ", commented professor Mpakeng.

People did not like her response and began to attack her, however that didn't deter her from standing by her words.

"Point of clarity, I support small businesses but I will never support spending money on alcohol, artificial nails, weed, especially when one does not have excess cash. Call me what you like but I will not be spending my hard earned cash on staff. I would rather donate it to charity", continued professor Mpakeng.

It is indeed disappointing to hear, see rather a leader taking away someone's dream by looking down on it and making it seem undeserving of support.

To make matters worse, Professor Mpakeng was not tagged on the post yet she saw it fit to give such response.

With that being said, she is entitled to her own opinion but at times, when your opinion come with a knife that could shatter someone's dream, it is better to keep quiet.

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