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WATCH| A white Stellenbosch student peeing on black student's stuff

In the University of Free State white boys peed on food of our parents and Jonathan Jansen the askari asked us to fogive them, today white boys in Stellenbosch University pee in a room of a black student he retorts that is what we do to black boys, as usual there will be no consequence.

“The ruling ideas are nothing more than the ideal expression of the dominant material relationships, the dominant material relationships grasped as ideas; hence of the relationships which make the one class the ruling one, therefore, the ideas of its dominance”

It is reality which creates the consciousness, not the other way around this was Karl Marx’ central argument in the German Ideology what is the reality in South Africa, white people own everything and we are subject to this they can even raise R1billion and buy themselves a President they want. I agree with the white student there is no reason why white people should respect us they own the land, banks, mines, retail stores, universities and the like.

In any epoch, institutions of higher learning, like Karl Marx argues the ideas embossed by such institutions are a material expression of the dominant material force, if White Monopoly Capital is the dominant ruling material expression in South Africa, Stellenbosch then becomes an ideological expression of this class dynamic. Their kids, grandchildren, dogs, know this very well white people have no reason to respect black people until we have enough nerves to confront what was forcefully taken by the bullet. 

No amount of Joe Slovo colour blind SACP communist literature will erase racism. It is not attitude, it’s an expression of material relationships grasped as power we are Black and they are white, until our land is restored we will remain the closest thing to an African

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