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Mzansi Kids Don't RESPECT TEACHERS Look What This Student did In Class - SOUTH AFRICA

Mzansi Kids Don't Have RESPECT For TEACHERS Look What This Student did In Class - SOUTH AFRICA

South Africa - Mzansi is in a very sad place right now, it seems teachers are becoming punching bags for students. This comes as video recording is going viral right now, of a school student as well as his educator actively fighting one another in a class room on school property. It is speculated that the two had a difference of opinion and they met each other face to face in front of other kids who recorded the situation. It is now being alleged that both the teacher and the learner was suspended for a period of time in order to calm down and to get their prerogatives in order. It has become totally obvious that the behaviour of school students towards their teachers is becoming more disrespectful by the day, it is as if the pupils do not respect their teachers because corporal punishment has been removed from the education system by the ANC government. Mostly this kind of behaviour has become a significant problem in schools and this is not the first time. High school is a very important period for scholars and if they do not learn to be outstanding adults and depict a behaviour of adulthood, they will be stuck in that circumstance where they are also declining to advance to university because they feel the need to fight instead of doing their school work.

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