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Free internet for these 400 Zimbabwean schools

The Minister of Information , Publicity and Information Mrs Monica Mutsvangwa shared some great news regarding 400 Zimbabwean schools which are reported to be struggling with paying for their monthly subscriptions for internet .

This is after the Minister made it known that there is going to be provision of free internet services for these schools .These schools already have connectivity but are failing to make the monthly payments .

The initiative is inline with the Government of Zimbabwe´s National e-Learning mechanism .

Great news for learners

The announcement by the Minister is great news for the learners as it will afford them the opportunity to conduct their lessons online. The initiative will also make the parents learn to trust the government as it is doing what it promised .

The government promised to do everything in its ability to ensure that e-learning is promoted in schools as it is the important part of the future which must be embraced and developed . The provision of free data is one giant step towards equiping learners with IT knowledge which is important for Zimbabwe .

The Covid-19 pandemic brought the need for Zimbabwe to divert to the new way of conducting lessons online , and dealing away with the need for physical classes . As learners will be provided with free internet services , a number of lessons will be conducted online and the knowledge gained by the learners can be used when they leave school .

When i was at High School , there were computer lessons at my school which were optional . I decided to make Computer Lessons a part of my subjects . I finished the courses that were taught and i am grateful that i was able to apply the skills when i finished school in my line of work.

Everything is centred around the computer world and i am certain that the provision of free internet to the Zimbabwean schools will go a long way in the lives of the learners.


Content created and supplied by: Kukizi (via Opera News )

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