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New Drug Found In Primary School

Looking at many if not all school of both private and public ever since corporal punishment was banned, The schools has been nothing but a mess wereby learner's has been constantly getting out of control since there is none much reached can do to bring them to the line any more because of the absence of corporal punishment.

Well it seems like baning corporal punishment was one of the worst decisions our government has ever had to take because now if you should look at school learners are smoking in the school premises, The numbers of teenage pregnancies keeps reaching for the sky and as if all that is not enough teachers are being beaten by learner's coming there under the influence of drugs.

Talking about drugs at schools, MEC Faith Mazibuko visited the Kitso Primary School at evaton this morning to address safety issues at the school and evaton community at large, and she was exposed to the fact that kids are now going as far as bringing the drugs to school and drinking to get high in school.

Refer to the pic attached below to see what grade 7 learners were caught using.


Bare in mind that what you see here is being used by grade 7 learner's meaning that by the time they reach high school if they manege to get there since they are already active in the use of drugs they would be damaged to hell and back.Checkout the screenshots attached below to see what various people had said regarding this situation .

With all this being said what is it that you have in mind regarding the availability of drugs in schools? How do you think we can eliminate them? Do we expel those using them and risk turning them into harden smokers and drinkers or we deal with thier parents since they can't seem to control their their kids and get they to behave like kids ?

What's your take on this whole situation? Please write us some comments in the comments section below and while you are at that please do see to it that you follow my account for further news and updates please.

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Faith Mazibuko Kitso


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