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Secondary Education


No Girl Finishes Secondary School Still A Virgin, A Tweet That Cause A Big Debate, What Do You Think

I don't know about the statement above but the truth is, there is too much peer pressure, low self esteem or inferiority complex that girls can cause on each other.

This does not just happen with girls only but even boys, especially those so.called cheese boy. He comes school with a car and can get any girl he wants and then brag about it to those who doesn't have any means to attract girls in the premises. On the other hand so called cute girls are pressurizing their peers, because of the way they look due that is given by their blessers.

Most cheese boys are only good at making other feel less of a man but not so in class, so is the case with the slay queens in the premises. This pressure can make someone to end up doing things just to validate her womanhood or manhood to their peers.

The question is not about loosing virginity but it's a big concern how they loose it and to who they loose it to?

A Twitter user by the name BlueGirl has argued there’s no single girl who completed senior high school without breaking her virginity.

According to BlueGirl, she’s of the strongest conviction that every lady had sex before graduating due to the level of indecency and promiscuity present in all high schools in recent times.

Most of her follower disagrees with what she says as there is no strong evidence (if any) to support her statement.

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