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Lunch Break Drama As Boys Beat Up A Teacher For Food

Teachers in the Nandi South sub-county have called for the arrest of unruly students who assaulted a high school teacher over instructions to queue for food. Rowdy students at Maraba Mixed Secondary in Aldai sub-county got into a heated argument with their teacher after he ordered them to keep order when food was being served in the school dining hall. The boys said that the teacher always harassed them whenever they went to get food, insisting that they line up instead of trying to get food themselves.

According to the police, the student refused to queue as one of the conditions before being served, instead beating up his chemistry teacher like an animal, repeatedly pounding him on the head and forelimb with a sharp weapon.

According to stories in the media, teachers and nun teaching staff marched to the Aldai Sub-county education offices to protest what they called workplace insecurity.

According to the teachers, this isn't the first time something like this has happened, as a female teacher was beaten by pupils last year.

"We will utilize whatever measures at our power to guarantee that teachers are treated fairly." Salim Bhakit, the union's treasurer, stated, "We are not less entitled than anyone else." According to police, the suspect, James Mungera, went to the kitchen for food during midday. He began arguing with the teacher when he was asked to leave. When questioned, the student admitted to being inebriated from marijuana and other substance misuse, which he typically does when left alone at home.


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