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Love relationship


Dating Romantic

Laugh till you shed into tears with these funny memes

When the classmonitor hands in the list of noise makers but the teacher forgives everyone Support a friend's business they said.

imagine this is what I saw vs what he sent

Me: Dad, can I watch TV?

Dad: Yes, but do not turn it on!

Me:Studying a few minutes everyday.

Study for 30 hours straight one day before the exam.

Xavier: How did you study 30 hours in one day 11 years old me after jumping from 4 stairs in front of my cousins:When you find me crying it is not about relationships it is either I don't have money or I'm hungry. Full stop

Girls be like: I'm not jealous

Deep inside:No one.

Girlfriend: Would you still love me if I was not born?Rare picture of an aeroplane drinking water from sea

We all have memories on stairs.

Others vs Me

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