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'Degree In Referee Neh' Mzansi Reacts After Seeing Whistle Girl In A Graduation Gown. Read More

20/05 /2022


A whistling girl who once went viral on social platforms blowing a whistle to remix Amapiano music in clubs was seen wearing a graduation gown.

This girl is well-known for remixing Amapiano music with her whistle. Whenever when she was going to clubs, she was making sure that she carries her whistle. Most people loved how she blow her whistle, they even gave her the nickname 'NOMPEMPE'.

People felt betrayed after seeing her in graduation gown while they were always with her in clubs almost all the time. Some felt like she was making fool out of them because she was partying while at the other side studying.

However, some people still can't believe that she just graduated. They even asked if she graduated from the referee, this comes after her actions.

This came as a life lesson to other people because there is a say of 'don't judge a book by its cover' now many people learned to do their things in private to confuse their enemies.

Many people left their feelings about this matter. You can also leave your thoughts.

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