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OPINION| Will the ANC maintain neo apartheid in education ?

Some people opined that the reason the government instructed it's education authorities not to publish matric results in the mass media, as is custom was to stop Afrikaner pupils from stealing the limelight as is usual and outshining black kids. 

Can't blame those who hold this view because the government's reasons were as startling as to be incredible. The ministry said it wanted to protect the children's right to privacy. I mean, really, the ministers had been parading with the best performers in front of media cameras for decades, more accurately, indeed the education authorities are justified to have a guilty conscience, the neglect of public education is unarguably the most unpardonable injustice this government ever visited on black people

And they didn't have a shortage of advice. During the Dark Days of the Zuma regime, the IMF, among others, urged the government to introduce reforms to improve the quality of education forget land expropriation. Nothing is worth giving your child if education doesn't go with it. Rather don't give them land, or even money, if the choice is at the disadvantage of education. Vlakfontein high school in Mamelodi. Built in 1950 it is literally a safety hazard, the teachers and pulpils bless them are not giving up they produce the best results in that district. Ribane Laka high GDE has not introduced the feeding scheme despite pleas going back years

Many others whose identity I don't want to mention have inadequate ablutions, regularly experience vandalism and robbery the schools were built during the era of Hendrik Verwoerd when the population was a quarter of this 600 boys share 8 toilets, 60 educators share four toilets. In some schools the boys smoke dagga, drink methylated spirits mixed with cough mixture and bunk classes. Clearly, kids from the informal settlements bring societal problems into the school. 

In comparison, the environment in former white schools like Waterkloof, Menlopark, De Wilgers and Garsfontein is conducive for learning and teaching. Schools have donors, extra teachers and security because the parents and the Afrikaner community, take the education of their children into their own hands. In former Indian suburb of Laudium, the Moslem community has taken it's children elsewhere

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