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A School in KZN With 63 Teachers and 3 Learners, Mzansi is confused After seeing This

Date: 22/05/19


'A School in KZN With 63 Teachers and 3 Learners', Mzansi is Confused After Seeing This

Kzn has been through a lot these past few weeks and they haven't healed from what they have gone through.

These past few weeks floods took everything from them, some of them are still staying in churches and haven't been able to build house for themselves, so they are waiting for government to build those houses so that they can stay in their house.

A guy posted a picture in Twitter saying this school have 63 teachers with only 3 learners. People were very surprised and asking how come they have so much teachers, some said they are from KZN they are staying in schools.

People are very surprised and can stop asking questions that what is going on there. Some people commented and said these people are not from South Africa, in South Africa is not possible especially when ANC is still leading us.

Here are some of the comments,

What do you think about this?

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