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Msanzi left disappointed after a learner did this after finding 40 million rands. See comments.

After a learner discovered 40 million many were left amazed but what she did after Finding left many people disappointed. It is said that a grade 8 learner from Seanamarena high school in Soweto received a good citizen award in the morning of 30th November after she picked up a bag with approximately 40 million rands. After picking up the money she decided to take the money to the police station. She explained that she didn't take the money because she wants to focus on her studies and not money.

After this story started trending, people started sharing their disappointment on what the learner did. Most people were dissapointed that she didn't take the money for herself and help out her family. See some of people comments down below.

Opinion: Let's be honest, there are not a lot of honest people out there. Whether she needed the money or not ,taking the money would be wrong and she would get herself and her family in trouble with the law.

What are your thoughts on this? Was she supposed to keep the money or she did the right thing? Comment down below your thoughts.


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Msanzi Seanamarena


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