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No Vaccine, No Entry Hits the University of Cape Town For Students And Staff

Date: 20/10/21



We have seen many things happen in the past few months of the implementation of the vaccine in South Africa. Initially the president said no one will be forced to get the vaccine but it seems like people are indirectly being forced to do so with the mandates that are being adopted. This first started with the entry to stadiums where people can't access stadiums and watch sports unless they are vaccinated and now it has hit universities in South Africa.


It has been reported that the university of Cape town has accepted the mandate of proof of vaccination or vaccine certificate as proof to access the university campus. What this potentially means is that students and staff will not be able to access the university premises for anything unless they have been fully vaccinated. This is a mandate that was discussed over the weekend and it was approved in principle.

It is said that this will take effect from the 1st of January 2022. Students will need to present proof of vaccinations if they need to register at the university. This means that they will have no option but to vaccinate or they will not be able to register. This is something that came from nowhere and its wildly confusing.


This new mandate by the university is taking away the rights of South Africans to have education. This is because there is no other option to take if students do not want to get vaccinated. There should be an option for online classes for those that don't wanna get vaccinated but since it is said that there will be no registration without vaccinations it means that students will have to vaccinate or not study.

This is something many South Africans have been scared off and now it is coming to fruition after many months of the government denying it's implementation. South Africa is entering a different chapter of this pandemic that many people will not like at all.

What is your take on the matter at hand? Do you think that it is fair that students need to vaccinate in order to register?

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