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We say no to corporal punishment in school. Stop abusing our children instead of teaching them.

Teacher's take advantage of our children because they are young and vulnerable. The law has baned teachers from hitting school children but yet it has not stopped, where should we take our children cause school is supposed to be a safe place for children..!!

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In 1996, the south African school Act under section 10 , banned the use of corporal punishment in school's. In 2000 this was confirmed in the Christian Education case. Despite the ban on corporal punishment 20 years ago teachers are still hitting children at school. It is illegal!!!!!! We must stop this to make the school a safe environment for children.



This is how our children are being treated in a place they call their second home, the place where they are supposed to feel safe and protected ; if teachers can't protect our children under their watch who will protect them??


Such behavior should be reported it is illegal and not acceptable. Any parents who their children experience such should report the matter immediately because it is against the law and illegal action should be taken to protect our children such things are the reason our children leave school and turn to drug addicts and prostitutes their selfs because they feel that they have been denied proper education which is true.


Report school corporal punishment in the following link

Parents what your take in this matter leave your comments in comments section let us be the voice of our children Enough is Enough

Article by a concerned parent

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