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Check why this picture left people on Twitter heartbroken

Going back to school brings back alot of excitement among the students , especially to those who passed to New classes.

But parents are worried about the amount of books their children are carrying, saying it's alot and many of them are small and are not strong enough.

Speaking of which a picture of a kids surfaced on twitter when he seems to be carrying what looks like a suitcase but it is his school bag.

Many people started commenting on the picture.

One tweep said : he used to have a Muslim friend like this , who would carry a bag full of books ,only for him to use one hand cover for all subjects.

One claimed that schools have lockers, that they should keep their books there, but it's not all school were in the are lockers.

The comments continue.

So tell me! What would you do , if your child was carrying this bunch of books.


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