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Distance Learning Vs Face-to-Face Learning: Which One Is Better?

We are living in the 21st century where learning can be conducted either in person or electronically. It just depends on your personal goals and access to these kind of resources. When making your decision it's important that you have all the facts with you so that they can back up your decisions.

Distance learning

There are so many benefits that comes with this kind of learning structure but the one which stands out for me is that you can learn from anywhere around the world where there is internet connection (flexibility). This can be an added advantage for people that are working and those that are residing very far from the institution in subject. Here's the rest of it's pros and cons below:

— You can work at your own time and pace. There's no need to rush things and end up making mistakes. You are given an ample amount of time to complete your assignments.

— It requires you to be very disciplined and strict with the amount of time you spend with on your books. You can't expect to pass if you don't attend classes and submit assignments on time.

— Having a comfortable study place that will be free from distractions can be in your favor considering the facts that we are surrounded with a lot of distractions.

Face-to-Face learning

As the term entails, it refers to the kind of learning that involves you to be physically present in classes and your full participation in all activities. This is the most archaic type of learning that has been in existence for over 3 decades and has been proven time and again that it yields the best results for students.

— You can directly interact with your tutors and gain access to vital information that can be shared by you peers.

— Motivation is always surrounding you because there are like minded individuals that are like you and some will become your source of inspiration.

— It might be difficult to gain access to the latest and update sources of information.

Which one is the best?

As aforementioned, it depends on your study goals and access to the resources that will enable you to partake in any of these learning structures. Make sure that you will have enough money that will support you throughout your journey to avoid being disappointed.

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Which One Is Better


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