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Advice for High Schoolers Part 1

As we all know, high school is a super fun time and as someone who has graduated, all I wish is that I could go back and relive it. Just kidding of course, but something I do wish is that I had known what I do now back then- because I, and most high schoolers, spend way too much time worrying about the wrong things. Hopefully this list can help prevent you from making some of the same mistakes I did.


As someone who did well in school, I can say that from my personal experience, the 3 main reasons I got good grades were: I used my time wisely, I was good at short term memorization, and I let part of my self worth be determined by my grades and therefore didn’t want to not get good grades.

To break those down, in the second semester of 10th grade, I never did any school work or studying outside of class. That’s not because I’m a genius or only took super easy classes, but I simply am good at memorizing things short term (not long term though- I can’t remember a single thing that pre-calc was about). That doesn’t make me intelligent, but in school, being able to do that does lead to you being considered smarter, and doing well on tests especially. Some people, though, just aren’t good at that, it takes them a lot longer to understand and remember concepts. And I don’t think a person has full control over that.

I also made sure that I never had any homework so I would use my time very wisely and get ahead when I could, take full advantage of my study hall period, use the time before class begins to get a little bit of work done, read my textbook or worksheet and teach myself the lesson so I could do (or at least start) the homework during that period. That worked for me because I’m not a good auditory learner, but it might be impossible for others to do so because they learn better in a different way at a different pace.

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