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New Hope For Teachers Who Want Administrative Slots in Schools After Huge Looming Vacancies

New Hope For Teachers Who Want Administrative Slots in Schools After Huge Looming Vacancies

Teachers have been clamoring for positions with the TSC. However, due to the large number of people who compete for these positions, getting hired might be extremely tough at times. As is customary for teachers who have landed a position with the TSC, they would like to be promoted in the future. Unfortunately, today's job market makes it extremely tough to advance in your career. A large number of conditions have been added to the current plan of service by the Commission, which has caused many teachers to have sleepless nights.

A total of approximately 15,000 teachers are still waiting for the issuance of their promotion letters for administrative jobs.

TSC interviewed over 33,000 instructors for the 15,000 available positions in February.

The teachers who applied for these posts have been waiting for their letters in vain for several months.

The reasons behind TSC's refusal to make the letters public are yet unknown.

Instead, the Commission chose to prolong the contracts of the departed headteachers, which was unanimously approved.

Many people were disappointed by this decision.

The teachers, on the other hand, should not give up on their pursuit of administrative positions altogether.

Following the news about the large number of administrators who are slated to retire in the coming year, thousands of teachers may find themselves in this position.

According to Education Digital News, an additional 25,000 administrators are expected to retire by the end of the fiscal year on June 30th.

Therefore, teachers who are interested in these roles should begin looking for the fundamental prerequisites, such as the Certificate of good conduct, among other things, as soon as possible because there is a chance of getting hired.

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