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Julius Malema got laughed at on Twitter for what he is promising students

EFF President Julius Malema says that when his party comes to power after the next local elections, he will introduce a so-called graduation allowance as a salary for all unemployed graduates from various universities.

As part of his party's election campaign in the Western Cape, Malema speaks to EFF student members at Cape Metro in Bellville Cape Town that the incentive will go a long way in ensuring that those who are unemployed despite graduating receive financial support while they continue looking for work.

EFF student representatives from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, the University of the Western Cape and the University of Cape Town warmly welcomed their president, Julius Malema. Student housing, rising College fees, and student debt were some of the challenges that the students as highlighted.

In his speech, Malema first said that combating unemployment among young college graduates was a priority on the party's agenda. He says that if the EFF takes over, he will introduce what is known as a graduate allowance. "There has to be an allowance, and there has to be a proper allowance for a graduate so that many generations are not deterred from going to school. 

You know, if I don't go to school and I can't find a job, the government will give me a graduation scholarship while they are still looking for a job for me.

" Malema has provided details on how to implement this proposed incentive. "We need to have a list of all the Graduates and the names to follow so we can know where they graduated from.

But this government cannot do that. " Despite the government's efforts to encourage everyone to get vaccinated against coronavirus, Malema says that Vaccines should not be forced against their will of the population.

Instead, there should be a campaign to collect DNA samples to identify the perpetrators of rape, especially in dormitories. "We don't have to force anyone to vaccinate. But I'm happy if we can force people to do their DNA. 

All of us in South Africa have to open a DNB bank and we have to be forced, all of you because there are rapists among us. But we can't find out who these people are who rape our kids on campus. " After the vaccination, Malema explains why. "I am vaccinated.

Nobody forced me. No one will force me. As a Marxist and Leninist, I believe in science. So I don't care about these conspiracy theories that we're going to die. They would have killed us a long time ago. " Recently, the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) rejected the Russian-made Sputnik coronavirus vaccine, citing some safety concerns. And Malema is against this decision.


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