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Foreign Learners Tops Migration List As Panyaza Lesufi Publish 2021 Statistics

The Gauteng department of basic education is experiencing the difficulties in placing the learners at their schools,Gauteng is one of the most economically effective province and many people are working in the province,the parents are migrating with their children to Gauteng and in return the schools becomes crowded.The province of limpopo comes second to none of the south african provinces in terms of migration and then follows Kwazulu Natal ,this can very well be attributed to the fact that Gauteng is amongst the provinces that offers the best education with the advanced facilities,Gauteng has always been perfoming well for a very long time,it has been sitting between number two and number one in terms of national matric results.The number of foreign learners has shown to be greater than any other province of south africa,Gauteng's basic education attracts the southern african countries learners as much as it does with their parents who are working in the province.Gauteng needs more schools to cater for the placement demand that has left 613 learners without schools,the south africans have complained about the overcrowded schools which are at times costly for the parents,some times leaners are placed kilometers away from their original residences while at the same time there's nearby school that could have accommodated them.south africa remains the favourite destination for many African foreigners fo various reasons like Academic and job seeking,however,south africans found themselves had to compete with the foreigners to secure the space in many sectors.what does other African countries do to make sure that their citizens stay at home so that they help to reduces the competition and overcrowding south africa?

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