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A 64-year-old man from Giyani Buti Majulie (Yena a YA Kwini) received honorary degree awards

Mr. July Mabunda who is well-known as Buti Majulie received an award of honorary today.


Buti Majulie from Limpopo at Giyani has been honored with a degree award at Nkwangulatilo center for the positive contribution of influence through entertainment. Buti Majulie made round on social media recently where he was saying "Yena a YA Kwini".

Many Social media started to use his phrase in their videos. Videos of Buti Julie went viral and people loved his tsonga phrase of Yena A YA Kwini, many editors used his phrase on their videos to spice up them. Many people might not know him but have been hearing his voice wondering what kind of person he is.

In short, Buti Majulie lives in Limpopo at Giyani, he is an open and talkative old man who loves to joke a lot with people more whether he is drunk or not. Buti Majulie loves to drink and most of the time when he is drunk he uses strong words but in a funny way.

Most of the people who live close to him would tell you that this old man love socializing, he is 64-year-old but you will never hear him talking about his age. In height he is short and his skin color is black. Buti Majulie is a real Tsonga man with blood.

His act to the community was recognized as the best motivator, most of the time when he is drunk he will encourage children to read books and never try alcohol because they won't grow like him. He loves to joke about his height telling children that if they drink alcohol they will be like him they won't grow tall.

GGM Mayor Cllr Basani Shivambu has joined Nkwangulatilo Education Center in a ceremony to confer an honorary degree to Mr. July Mabunda, for his positive contribution and influence in the community through entertainment.

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