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Law school insists on new students getting Covid-19 vaccination

The Society for Advocates has issued an ultimatum to its students to get the Covid-19 vaccine and produce a vaccination certificate prior to the start of school next year or face losing their privilege to attend lectures.

Pretoria News obtained a letter from the law school's chairperson, advocate Marc Leathern, dated December 1, 2021, titled "Urgent letter to all 2022 pupils at the Pretoria Bar." The letter expressed concern about the coronavirus fourth wave and informed new pupils that vaccination would be mandatory. "Vaccination has been scientifically shown to be the most effective technique for preventing and mitigating the severity of infection, and it is another extremely effective method for mitigating the spread of infection, disease, and mortality caused by Covid-19," Leathern stated in the letter.The Society for Advocates has given its students an ultimatum to get the Covid-19 vaccination. Picture: File

He said that everyone was required to get vaccinated before to the start of the 2022 school year for the safety of students, co-pupils, members, lawyers, clients, and judges. "By the time you begin your pupillage in 2022, you must provide us with proof that you have received at least one vaccination; alternatively, if you have a serious, bona fide reason for being unable to be vaccinated, you must provide us with detailed justifications for your inability to be vaccinated.

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"You are need to give documentation in support of your arguments, such as a medical certificate, when relevant. If you are unable to get vaccinated, your reasons for not being vaccinated will be considered," the letter stated. The organization, which dates all the way back to the nineteenth century, has roughly 45 children beginning their year-long pupillage on January 3. The not-for-profit organization is associated with a number of different South African Bars via the General Council of the Bar of South Africa (GCBSA) and annually trains hundreds of advocates.See the source image

Leathern told Pretoria News yesterday that no pupils who had enrolled for the 2022 academic year had objected. "I am unaware of any," he said. I'm assuming they believe it's essential and prudent in view of the present outbreak." When asked what would happen if a student refused to vaccinate, he stated: "Those who refuse may be unable to attend all lectures and workshops in which they are obliged to interact with other students, lecturers, and judges aiding with training."

"When and if feasible, we will attempt to accommodate them virtually, although this will be less than ideal... They may also miss discussions with their mentors, lawyers, and clients, but those parties will decide." He stated that the new guidelines did not violate any pupil's rights. "All individuals participating in training, including children, have a right to a safe workplace. If any rights are violated (which we believe they are not), the violation would be necessary and justified," Leathern said.


Law school insists on new students getting Covid-19 vaccination (

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