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Primary Education



Dreaming being in Primary School

We all know what is a primary school, it's where the education career starts now taking this to the dream it's the same principle, in order for Ancestors to start working, they don't just send you to initiation without first channeling you and open the way for you and those that their ancestors initiates themselves this dream is extremely important, it's a pity that we decide to ignore this dream or get confused and others get overwhelmed by the thought being initiated.

The dream doesn't mean go to initiation school. This is a guide towards wealth, business, or a calling. What the dream says is go to learn, research about what you want to achieve. Let's say you were thinking of starting a business or studying towards a certain degree or you were told you have a calling. In a business case, it says you should look into this business, find out more because that's where your wealth is, the uniform implies there are other people on the same line of the business, who are doing the same. Regarding studying it says follow or study more towards whatever, you are heading towards the right direction.

Now when it comes to the calling this is where things get rough because the dream sometimes comes with cloths or beads, initiates or Sangomas but it still doesn't mean go and initiate, but whatever they show you at that stage becomes a point of interest, find out about the material or beads and it can also give the information of what you are going to become or someone in your family will become.

If you follow it, that is when you dream of writing exams or being given a certificate or you pass all your subjects, in a nutshell, you have been initiated in what they instructed you to do or you have listened. But it is just the beginning of more dreams, feeling completely lost sometimes, wanting your own space, being short-tempered, and so on.

Please remember, Ancestors are not the same.

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