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College Education


I studied civil engineering with the skill I learned in college I renovated my house she said


Being a women is like being a man, when you find a way to achieve your dreams everything becomes possible. A young lady shared images of what she achieved during the time she was seeking employment with a diploma. On LinkedIn app she explained that she used the skill she learned in college to renovate her house.

Although it was never easy to start with the material due to unemployment. Lady explained how proud she is to be a women. People were left in shock after seeing the work she did. She extended the house without the help of a man. Using her own hands young lady managed to do the most leaving social media followers aback.

She explained that sitting back and doing nothing was not the answer. Instead she started to use the skill at home before getting a call from someone else. Her work is out of this world, what people saw left them holding their mouth with fingers. Below are pictures of her final product.

Women can also do the work men does, it starts with the mind. After sharing this pictures her post achieved 15k impression.

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