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You will need to have a proof of vaccination to enter at Wits University

As if students were not having enough problems at it is with the outstanding funds, now some univerties are saying that is it compalsory for all students to be vaccinated.

We have been hearing that companies are working on vaccines policies and we know that some campanies have already started to say that their employees should be vaccinated come January 2022. Universities are now singing the same song as those other campanies who are forcing people to be vaccinated.

If you are a student at Wits University or you will be studying there come next year, you have to ensure that you are vaccinated first because you can not be allowed through. Not only students, but anyone who will be entering the premises will have to provide proof that they have been vaccinated or they will have to return to where ever they came from.

We know that the government has been saying that they will not be making vaccine mandatory but theh allows other institutions do so. They do not want to take full responsibility.

Wits is making vaccine mandatory just as we learn about the new variant that has been found in the country. There is so much uncertainty currently around this new variant. Some are saying that the vaccines might not be effective on the variant and now people are asking what is the point of getting vaccinated after all? It seems like there is nothing that these vaccines can do effectively.

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