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Why Don't Private Schools Join Protests In Swaziland?

We salute the comrades from Hosea High School, we'll never forget the contribution of Ezindwendweni High. Jericho Primary and High School learners; we say well done to you, freedom fighters. Where is Sifundzani in all of this? When will Enjabulweni, U-Tech, and Sisekelo join in on the pro-democracy demonstrations? Why must schools in the rural areas be the only ones calling for democracy and the release of political prisoners? Wouldn't it be more effective if both private and government schools joined hands together and protested? Let us know what you think.

Getting their Hands Dirty

The old men running the government in the kingdom will not be around to see the consequences of their actions. It is for this reason that young emaSwati are being encouraged to take an interest in the country's politics. Students from government schools feel the poverty. When the lockdown was effected and private school learners were keeping up with their studies by video conferencing, learners in the rural areas were stuck at home with no way of learning online.

There are students that depend on the free food dished out in government schools. Private school learners bring lunch boxes and they buy from 'the tuck shop' so they don't really know the pangs of hunger. The contrast in the lifestyles of private versus government school learners is shocking. You won't find a single pupil walking barefoot to school at St. Mark's but you might find one at Lavundlamanti High School in Sinceni.

In this Together

It isn't good for kids to remain ignorant when it comes to the plight of others. This is why subjects like Social Studies are so necessary for the curriculum. It would mean so much if pupils from the fanciest schools in the kingdom were to stand in solidarity with their rural counterparts. It would show just how serious and universal the struggle is in the nation.

Students need to look out for each other, regardless of what kind of schools they attend. If leaners on one corner of the kingdom have some concerns, leaners on the other side of the kingdom should take that into consideration and support them in any way they can. We've seen how primary school learners, high school learners, and even students in institutions of higher learner learning have been involved in the struggle. Wouldn't it be great to see the same kind of unity when it comes to 'lower class' and 'higher class' schools?

Do you think students in private schools should start protesting as well? Would you say it's safe for them to protest in the first place? Why do you think we haven't seen much protesting from private schools? Leave a comment below, share with a private school learner, and FOLLOW FOR EVERYTHING ON EDUCATION IN SWAZILAND!

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