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Road Accident

School Trip Turns Into Final Destination As 3 Buses Collide, 3 Died & 20 Children Were Injured

A school trip for Mutumba Primary School learners in the Vhembe district ended in tragedy, no one could have foreseen such a thing happening especially considering that there were children who were going to have a fun time these three buses were all going different places.

The incident occurred on the N1 near Nzhelele in the Vhembe district, this is a very unfortunate incident that had caused the parents of those children to be very concerned about what was happening to such an extent where they rushed to the scene of the accident.

Three of the learners died when the bus they were travelling in collided into the back of another bus, the police are still here to finalize their investigations into this matter in order for them to understand what exactly happened for the bus driver to not break just in time.

20 learners sustained minor injuries and were taken to a local hospital for further medical care, many people have definitely been concerned about this to such an extent where they are praying for the children to have a quick recovery.

Education MEC Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya sent her condolences to the families, it is only right that our leaders step in and say their messages of condolences to the bereaved so that we can have a situation where we are all working together to ensure that we don't have such incidences.

People found out about the bus crash that claimed the lives of three learners on the N1 outside Louis Trichardt, some families will never be the same after this incident and they're going to look for a person to blame so the police must do the right investigations so that they can give the information to the people.

We would hate to find out that this is a fault of the driver and it is something that could have been easily avoided, because it will mean that he has to be arrested.

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Mavhungu Lerule-Ramakhanya Mutumba Nzhelele


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