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Department of Basic Education Claims Provinces Discourage Pupils From Doing Maths

Department of Basic Education claims provinces discourage pupils from doing maths, it is alleged that they are doing this in order to promote their baseline they want to appear as if they are the school that is doing very well but it is clear that they're not doing very well because they're encouraging kids to do very useless subjects.

The DBE says it seems the secret in producing the best matric results in mathematics of highly celebrated provinces have allegedly been implicated, and this horrible thing that has been done and we know that they've been doing this for years.

Because if you find out that they're in grade 9 they would not allow anyone who has achieved lower masks to do any pure maths subjects, which compromises their ability to really do what they want in their career path.

Provinces like the Western Cape, Gauteng and Free State, was to encourage very few pupils to take the subject. This is truly tragic because if you think about it it compromises their ability to do other subjects in varsity that are very important, and that they want to do the only because they have been encouraging children to basically do mathematical literacy which is useless nowadays.

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